Individual event, portrait and business photography

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Individuality and the best quality is our goal. Portraits, where you recognize yourself. Eventphotos which bring back memorys. Presentation of your company and your products- working together with you in order to find the best and most convenient solution for your needs. This is our strenght.

about me

Reinhard Swietly

It is not usual to have the opportunity to make a passion a business. After years working in the IT, namely with all kinds of networks i decided in 2010 to turn my passion into profession maintaining websites and as a professinal photographer.
From todays view this was the best decision i ever take.



About my career

after serving in the austrian army and finishing training as application programmer i specialized in the maintenance of host systems and after doing some work with the apache webserver i was asked by customers to create websites for their businesses. So i started to create and maintain websites and asd a passionate photographer i have taken and prepared a lot photographs.

Today, webdesign, webmastering and photography are the main points of my activities.


Professional photos for dating agencies, social media and internet related stuff

The first impression matters and a typical “selfie” is not what expected. A blurred picture is not only a “face fall”, but also results in lack of interrest by the viewer. Selfies often fail due to bad lights, small quality and are not the best reference. Espacially when your photo is used in a dating agency your picture should show your personality.

Together we plan your photos and on your request the outfit.

Using our mobile studio consisting of a full size background system, a portrait background and 2 independant flashes, we can do your shooting on a place where you feel comfortable. PLease calculate about 2 hours including about half an hour pre planning.

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Your pet put into the spotlight, i.e. during a walk or training, in a well known environment without putting the pet into stress, thats the job. A expressive picture of your pet large sized, i.e. for a calendar, a gift or simply as a background in superior quality. Since you know your pet best we discuss all do’s and dont’s as well as the preferred location in advance of the shooting to assure a stressles shooting with maximum result.


You want high quality professional photos from your event, party, celebration but also a mostly “invisible” photographer without disturbing your guests ?

Individual shooting as requested

Professional portraits and passport photos








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